Remove about one gazillion of explicit dependency rules with few lines
describing the general dependency pattern and then the exceptions. This
noticably shortens the Makefile and makes it easier to touch it.

This is part of the Cogito Makefile changes port.

Signed-off-by: Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

commit ee84cc0f730f0e744fe8d922b24f6f7ebe31d737
tree 0b3edc11a0eba131788e42768b56ba6ceba32b96
parent 601722751e42dfef8bcd2fe3d6b070b07eb9198e
author Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Fri, 29 Jul 2005 15:46:40 +0200
committer Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Fri, 29 Jul 2005 15:46:40 +0200

 Makefile |   74 +++++++-------------------------------------------------------
 1 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 66 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -97,8 +97,9 @@ LIB_H += quote.h
 LIB_OBJS += quote.o 
 LIB_H += diff.h count-delta.h
-LIB_OBJS += diff.o diffcore-rename.o diffcore-pickaxe.o diffcore-pathspec.o \
-       count-delta.o diffcore-break.o diffcore-order.o
+DIFF_OBJS = diff.o diffcore-rename.o diffcore-pickaxe.o diffcore-pathspec.o \
+       diffcore-break.o diffcore-order.o
+LIB_OBJS += $(DIFF_OBJS) count-delta.o
 LIB_OBJS += gitenv.o
 LIB_OBJS += server-info.o
@@ -136,75 +137,16 @@ test-delta: test-delta.c diff-delta.o pa
 git-%: %.c $(LIB_FILE)
        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $(filter %.c,$^) $(LIBS)
-git-update-cache: update-cache.c
-git-diff-files: diff-files.c
-git-init-db: init-db.c
-git-write-tree: write-tree.c
-git-read-tree: read-tree.c
-git-commit-tree: commit-tree.c
-git-cat-file: cat-file.c
-git-fsck-cache: fsck-cache.c
-git-checkout-cache: checkout-cache.c
-git-diff-tree: diff-tree.c
-git-rev-tree: rev-tree.c
-git-ls-files: ls-files.c
-git-check-files: check-files.c
-git-ls-tree: ls-tree.c
-git-merge-base: merge-base.c
-git-merge-cache: merge-cache.c
-git-unpack-file: unpack-file.c
-git-export: export.c
-git-diff-cache: diff-cache.c
-git-convert-cache: convert-cache.c
-git-http-pull: http-pull.c pull.c
-git-local-pull: local-pull.c pull.c
-git-ssh-push: rsh.c
+git-http-pull: pull.c
+git-local-pull: pull.c
 git-ssh-pull: rsh.c pull.c
-git-rev-list: rev-list.c
-git-mktag: mktag.c
-git-diff-helper: diff-helper.c
-git-tar-tree: tar-tree.c
-git-hash-object: hash-object.c
-git-stripspace: stripspace.c
-git-diff-stages: diff-stages.c
-git-rev-parse: rev-parse.c
-git-patch-id: patch-id.c
-git-pack-objects: pack-objects.c
-git-unpack-objects: unpack-objects.c
-git-verify-pack: verify-pack.c
-git-receive-pack: receive-pack.c
-git-send-pack: send-pack.c
-git-prune-packed: prune-packed.c
-git-fetch-pack: fetch-pack.c
-git-var: var.c
-git-peek-remote: peek-remote.c
-git-update-server-info: update-server-info.c
-git-build-rev-cache: build-rev-cache.c
-git-show-rev-cache: show-rev-cache.c
+git-ssh-push: rsh.c
 git-http-pull: LIBS += -lcurl
 git-rev-list: LIBS += -lssl
-# Library objects..
-blob.o: $(LIB_H)
-tree.o: $(LIB_H)
-commit.o: $(LIB_H)
-tag.o: $(LIB_H)
-object.o: $(LIB_H)
-read-cache.o: $(LIB_H)
-sha1_file.o: $(LIB_H)
-usage.o: $(LIB_H)
-rev-cache.o: $(LIB_H)
-strbuf.o: $(LIB_H)
-gitenv.o: $(LIB_H)
-entry.o: $(LIB_H)
-diff.o: $(LIB_H) diffcore.h
-diffcore-rename.o : $(LIB_H) diffcore.h
-diffcore-pathspec.o : $(LIB_H) diffcore.h
-diffcore-pickaxe.o : $(LIB_H) diffcore.h
-diffcore-break.o : $(LIB_H) diffcore.h
-diffcore-order.o : $(LIB_H) diffcore.h
-epoch.o: $(LIB_H)
+$(LIB_OBJS): $(LIB_H)
+$(DIFF_OBJS): diffcore.h
 git-core.spec: Makefile
        sed -e 's/@@VERSION@@/$(GIT_VERSION)/g' < $< > $@
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