Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> git-merge-cache reporting failed merge program is undesirable for
> Cogito, since it emits its own more appropriate error message in that
> case. However, I want to show other possible git-merge-cache error
> messages. So -q will just silence this particular error.

That description makes it sound more like it is a Cogito
specific hack, which other Porcelains may not benefit from,
meaning they may want to suppress some other errors but this
patch does not give that possibility.

I do not mind about the above too much, but I'll sit on this one
for now just in case if anybody comes up with a different patch
to give a bit cleaner solution.

I wonder how many die()'s we have in our C code.  It _might_ be
cleaner to say (the first parameter being exit(2) parameter):

    die("unable to execute '%s'", pgm);
    die_with(47, "merge program failed");

and have the calling Porcelain, if it wants to, supress error
messages by redirecting 2>/dev/null, and say whatever it wants
to say based on $?.

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