Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This looks sane. However, I also get the strong feeling that
> git-update-server-info should be run as part of a hook and not be built 
> into receive-pack..

> Personally, I simply don't want to update any dumb server info stuff for 
> my own local repositories - it's not like I'm actually serving those out 
> anyway.

But you are.  I can run this just fine:

 $ git clone 

I agree in principle that you should be able to disable the call
to update_server_info() from there, but on the other hand once
we start doing it, we need to explain people which repo is http
capable and which repo is not and why.

I was actually thinking about a call to git-update-server-info
at the end of git-repack-script.  Again, great minds think the
opposite way sometimes ;-).

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