On Sun, 31 Jul 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> You are absolutely right.  It should grab some sort of lock
> while it does its thing (would fcntl(F_GETLK) be acceptable to
> networked filesystem folks?).

There is no lock that works reliably except for the "create a directory 
and rename it onto another directory"

Please do it in the hook layer.

> I have one question regarding the hooks.  We seem to prefer
> avoiding system and roll our own.  Is there a particular reason,
> other than bypassing the need to quote parameters for shell?

Hmm.. I suspect it's partly just because there is existing code that does
the fork()/exec() thing because it needs to do IO, and system() doesn't
close the right pipes after fork etc.

"system()" really is very inflexible. It basically never works if you have 
any shared file descriptors.

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