Noel Maddy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> my %tmp;
> @to = grep { ! $tmp->{$_}++ && Email::Valid->address($_) } @to;

Please refrain from making this thread "I know more Perl than
you do"; thank you.

I learned this the hard way at work.  Having 47 different way to
say the same thing so you can say it in your favorite way, and
being so rich and efficient language to develop in, are very
good properties of Perl when writing throwaway quickie for
yourself.  But the point of development, especially the day-job
kind, is to finish it, and hand it off to somebody else as
quickly as possible, so that you can go on and do better things.
And for that purpose, the more Perl you know, the more you
should restrain yourself; otherwise you would end up maintaining
everything you have ever written.

Depending on who I envision to pass it on, I sometimes think
twice before using even very basic idiom everybody who calls
himself a Perl speaker should know (e.g. Schwartzian Transform).
Writing Perlish Perl is OK within Perl community and when doing
your own set of tools.  If you expect other people to touch the
code, not just as blackbox end users, please be gentle to them.

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