Martin Sivak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This patch make possible to use alternate ssh binary or ssh helper
> script. The script can be used to give additional parameters to ssh
> binary (like private key, protocol version, ...).
> Example script could look like this:
> #!/bin/sh
> ssh -1 -i myprivatekey.key "$@"
> The patch itself is realy very simple:

I understand why you would want this if your ssh binary is
called something other than ssh [*1*], but I doubt the example
you gave needs this patch.  Could you explain why having
something like this in your .ssh/config file is not enough?

      Protocol 1
      IdentityFile ~/.ssh/privatekey.key

Even if you wish to use different settings between git and
interactive, I presume you could do something like this:

    # for interactive
      Protocol 2

    # real repo is but pull with
      Protocol 1
      IdentityFile ~/.ssh/privatekey.key

*1* and even in that case you can trivially fix it by having
a small wrapper in $HOME/bin/ssh:

    exec ssh-installed-under-nonstandard-name "$@"

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