> I understand why you would want this if your ssh binary is
> called something other than ssh [*1*], but I doubt the example
> you gave needs this patch.  Could you explain why having
> something like this in your .ssh/config file is not enough?
>     Host foo.bar.xz
>       Protocol 1
>       IdentityFile ~/.ssh/privatekey.key

The example was of course about the simpliest thing i thought of.

I would find that variable (GIT_SSH) usefull, and actually it does no
harm, because you already have GIT_SSH_PULL & PUSH variables, for the
same purpose (to define different name).

Actually I think there is at least one case, when helper script is useful.
I mean, how would you setup different identities for more user accounts on the
same server (it doesn't happen often, but..)?

Best regards
Martin Sivak

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