I'm happy to announce release 0.13 of the Cogito SCMish layer over the
GIT Tree History Storage tool. As usual, get it at:



        * Cogito is now alone!
                GIT is no longer part of Cogito distribution.
                That means you need to get and install it separately.
                It is recommended to use at least 0.99.3. The newer
                the better (hopefully).

        * Partial support for invoking commands from subdirectories
                This works only for very few commands yet
                (cg-diff, cg-status, cg-add, cg-rm), but I'm working
                on it.  Other commands will just refuse to run if you
                call them from a subdirectory.
        * .gitignore support in cg-status
        * cg-info is not anymore; its output is part of cg-status
        * cg-restore -f will overwrite even local modifications

        * Portability fixes
        * Plenty of other bugfixes

  Have fun,

                                Petr "Pasky" Baudis
Stuff: http://pasky.or.cz/
If you want the holes in your knowledge showing up try teaching
someone.  -- Alan Cox
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