Here is a short list of itches I would like to get scratched
before 1.0.  I may be forgetting something big, though, so if
your favorite feature request is not included in the list please
speak up.

- Teach send-pack to use get_sha1() on the source side.

  In addition to a pattern that matches one reference on the
  source side, we should be able to use anything get_sha1() can
  grok.  Hopefully I'll be looking into this over the weekend.

- Teach fetch-pack reference renaming.

  On the push side, send-pack now knows updating arbitrary
  remote references from local references.  We need something
  similar for fetching.  I personally do not feel we need it for
  cloning but my cursory reading of clone-pack indicates the
  command is meant to work reasonably even in an already
  populated repository.  If somebody have a good use case for
  it and a clean patch, I may be tempted to accept it.

- Glossary documentation Johannes Schindelin is working on.

  I think coming up with the concensus of terms would come
  fairly quickly on the list.  Updating docs to match the
  concensus may take some time.  Help is greatly appreciated.

- Makefile variables updates from Pasky.

  While I do not have objections to rename dest to DESTDIR and
  such Pasky proposes, I want to have a matching change to RPM
  and deb generation.  I can speak basic debian/rules, but I am
  reluctant to touch RPM side of the things.

  Whether we do the dest/DESTDIR rename or not, we need to tweak
  binary packaging anyway, or stop installing the default
  templates.  I can be talked into either way.

My tentative plan is for 0.99.4 to finish send-pack, 0.99.5
to enhance fetch-pack, 0.99.6 to finish the first pass for the
documentation updates and stabilizing the binary packaging.

These are not 1.0 showstopper items but what I personally would
love to see.

- teach mailsplit/mailinfo basic MIME (attachments and quoted-printable)

  Some people send patches in MIME quoted-printable.  I could
  drop them on the floor and ask the sender to resend, but I've
  been being a nice guy, which currently involves manual

- teach git-apply "reverse" and possibly "fuzz".

  I think this might help Porcelain; currently they have to
  interpret git extended diff headers themselves.

- commit template filler discussed with Pasky some time ago.

- "rev-list a...b" should mean "rev-list `merge-base a b`..b"

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