I said:

> My tentative plan is for 0.99.4 to finish send-pack, 0.99.5
> to enhance fetch-pack, 0.99.6 to finish the first pass for the
> documentation updates and stabilizing the binary packaging.

Ok, I am almost ready to push 0.99.4 out.  Here is what I have
in the public repository.

  - The branches master & pu are as usual.  Modulo bugs, I
    consider send-pack enhancement finished.

  - There is an "rc" branch whose Makefile already says 0.99.4.
    I've been working on Debian and RPM packaging issues today,
    with help from Chris Wright and H Peter Anvin, in this

The plan is to stabilize the binary packaging issues in the "rc"
branch, and ordinary feature updates and bugfixes in "master" or
"pu" branch as usual.  When things are ready, "rc" and "master"
will be merged, 0.99.4 gets created and tagged, and "master" and
"pu" will continue from there.

I would appreciate if folks familiar with binary packaging,
especially RPM, give final sanity checks on what is currently in
"rc" branch.

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