Junio C Hamano wrote:

>I am reluctant to actually do this right away, because this is
>an incompatible change from the current format:
>    $ git format-patch his mine

Of course this breaks qgit interface to git-format-patch-script
but if you think it's better this way....

>The same goes for rebase (and therefore cherry).  I could use an
>ugly heuristics for backward compatibility like "if invoked with
>exactly two parameters, and there is no prefix ^ nor .. in these
>two, then use the old interpretation, otherwise give them to
>rev-parse", but I think this is ugly.
>So my question to the list is: do people mind this change?

I think it's ugly too, in this early phase of git development 
better go with proper solution then compatibility compromises.

A suggestion I would like to present is if can be useful a
kind of scheduling/list of planned compatibility break features so
 that developers can know in advance when and what will break
 their stuff and users can know when they will need to upgrade.

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