Johannes Schindelin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'd prefer $GIT_DIR/remotes/. And I propose another extension: Since the 
> files stored therein right now contain only one <remote> string, it should 
> be possible to add the default head(s) to the file.

That makes sense.  Currently my arrangement is:

    $ cd .git/branches && grep . public-*

and in order to get the references on the public server to make
sure people are seeing what I want them to see, I say:

    $ for h in master pu rc
        echo $h
        git fetch public-$h
        git-rev-parse $h public-$h

Instead, I should be able to say:

    $ cat .git/remotes/public,rc:public-rc

to mean that the following two are equivalent:

$ git fetch public
$ git fetch public pu:public-pu rc:public-rc

that is, fetch pu there and store it in refs/heads/public-pu
(same for rc).  When I want to fetch only pu from there:

    $ git fetch public pu:public-pu

or even

    $ git fetch public pu

should work.  If I happen to want to fetch pu one-shot but not
want to update my local refs/heads/public-pu, then I should be
able to say

    $ git fetch public pu:

Another thing I need to worry about is that I would want to use
this remotes information for pushing as well, but probably the
reference mappings are different when fetching and pushing.

With something like this:

    $ cat .git/remotes/ko,pu:ko-pu,rc:ko-rc
    $ git fetch ko rc

I would fetch the remote ref "rc" and store it in
refs/heads/ko-rc, which is fine, but after that I would do my
work in the local repository, merge things up and update my
local "rc" (not ko-rc, which to me is a "reference only"
branch), and eventually when pushing I would want to store my
"rc" (again not ko-rc) in "rc" over there.

This means the reference mapping in these two shorthand
notations should be flexible enough to allow me to do:

    $ git fetch ko rc ;# get rc from there store it under ko-rc here

which is equivalent to 

    $ git fetch ko rc:ko-rc


    $ git push ko rc  ;# push rc here to rc there

which is equivalent to 

$ git push ko rc:rc

Maybe its time to do a file format that is a bit more flexible.
For example:

    $ cat .git/remotes/ko
    Fetch-Reference: master:ko-master pu:ko-pu rc:ko-rc
    Push-Reference: master pu rc

Note that I do not mean "Push-Reference" can not do the rename.
I could have written "master:master" but I did not because I do
_not_ want renaming push in this example.

People who do not need different mappings for fetch/push should
be able to say:

    $ cat .git/remotes/public
    Reference: pu:public-pu rc:public-rc

Another thing I should mention is that Fetch-Reference mapping
is <remote>:<local>, while Push-Reference is <local>:<remote>.
This is only because I feel always using <src>:<dst> is easy to
remember, is the way it works for the command line refs for git
push already, and is the way I plan to enhance fetch to grok.

My current thinking is Reference should take <remote>:<local>
because fetching/pulling is probably more common than pushing,
but I need to think a bit more about it.

Johannes, sorry for doing my design work in an e-mail buffer
to you ;-).

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