Ian Campbell wrote:
> I used to subscribe to the kernel RSS feed (using blam) but I found I
> was only getting the most recent 20 commits, which wasn't much good when
> a big batch went in because I would miss some.

Yes, I have that problem too.  It appears to be just the way that gitweb
works - look at the "git_rss" function in the source:

Kay -- is there any chance of fixing this?  I love reading the kernel
commits via RSS but this makes it a lot less usable than it could be.
Really it should return all commits within, say, the last 36 hours so as
long as your aggregator polls reasonably often you won't miss anyhing.

The other thing on my wishlish is diffstat -- sometimes the commit messages
can be a little ambiguous and just adding what files were changed would
help alot.  For commits that touch a large number of files maybe it could
just show the files that changed the most like:

   net/bar.c              |  412 ++++++++++++-----
   drivers/char/foo.c     |  354 +-------------
   arch/baz/boot.S        |   99 ++++----
   [16 other files changed]

Other than that though I really love gitweb and the RSS support is a
great touch.  It really makes tracking kernel commits painless.

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