Kay Sievers wrote:
> It's 30 now and up to 150 if they are not older than 48 hours.
> We can change the numbers, if you hava a better idea...

Is it really hard to just make it purely time-based (git-rev-list --max-age)?
Think of if Linus is merging with a lot of people and then pushes the results
to the master repository -- suddenly there's, say, 400 new commits since the
last time my aggregator checked 2 hours ago.

> For now it just lists all changed files to the log message, similar to the
> "commit" view. Is that ok, or do we really need the diffstat,

It looks great, thanks!  diffstat would be slightly nicer but not a big

> It may be
> a bit expensive to generate it for all the commits with every RSS request...

Well if the RSS feed's popularity takes off you'll probably want to *not*
generate it every time and instead serve it from a static file.  This can
be as simple as a Makefile like:

        commits.rss: $(GITDIR)/refs/heads/master
                /path/to/myperlscript.pl $(GITDIR) > commits.rss.NEW && chmod 
444 commits.rss.NEW && mv commits.rss.NEW commits.rss

and then call "make -C /my/rss/dir -s -f /path/to/mymakefile.mk" from cron
every minute.

Serving the rss from a static file has the big advantage that a well-behaved
aggregator will only request it if the modification date changed which saves
everyone bandwidth.

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