> > I don't think he wants sourceforge to host git, I think he'd like
> > sourceforge to provide access to source trees via git, instead of
> > cvs.  Read that as, I want to do:
> Correct, that's what I am looking for. My  hope  is  that  if  enough
> people ask SF might actually provide such a service.

Ubuntu's 'launchpad' project is trying to do that (a SCM 'proxy' of
sorts) with Arch/Bazaar/BazaarNG/Whatever. It takes massive ammounts
of diskpace and computing power to be tracking external cvs/svn repos
in your SCM format of choice. The talked abundantly about this at the
last Debconf in nightless helsinki.

I know I will be running GIT public repos that mirror CVS repos of a
few large-ish projects I work on a lot, and are starting to strain
CVS's ability to coordinate work. I am keen on starting a Wiki on
'git/cogito' techniques and usage strategies, and my first entry is
going to be about how to track an external project this way.


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