On Sat, 13 Aug 2005, Martin Langhoff wrote:

> >    Yes, developers can just merge with each other directly
> I take it that you mean an exchange of patches that does not depend on
> having public repos. What are the mechanisms available on that front,
> other than patchbombs?

If each developer has a trivial web server, they can put their output 
there, and everyone else can pull from it, because it only needs to serve 
static files out of a directory structure that the programs create 
regularly. Of course, this is only strictly different from a public repo 
in that you don't advertize it beyond the other developers. But it's a 
within-system equivalent to posting a link to a web-hosted patch set, 
which people sometimes do to pass things around.

> > And so I'd be thrilled to have some site like SF support it.
> Eduforge's charter is to host education-related projects, so that's
> not a free-for-all-comers, but I'm considering git support, as our
> usage of git is growing.

If you contribe the git support to gforge, presumably similar hosting 
sites will pick it up before too long.

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