Carl Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 08:10:51AM +0000, Petr Baudis wrote:
>> Exactly. I want much more freedom in pushing, the only requirement being
>> that "the to-be-replaced remote head is ancestor of the to-be-pushed
>> local head". I think (am I wrong?) git-send-pack localhead:remotehead
>> would work just fine for me, the only thing I need is the support for
>> different local and remote head names.
> Sorry to join the game so late.  I've only read this thread now.

Just in case you have not noticed, the push in 0.99.4 and
onwards does exactly that.  Please see git-push-script.txt in
the Documentation/ directory --- oops, there is no such thing.

Please see git-send-pack.txt instead, and if you feel like it, I
would appreciate a patch to add the missing documentation for
git-push-script ;-).

What's not supported well yet is the opposite --- downloading
multiple refs and dealing with them.

Johannes Schindelin calls this "reverse push", and I think that
is really a good name to describe what it does.  It takes a
remote repository and possibly multiple refs, downloads the
objects to complete the named remote references, and updates the
local refs only if the remote refs are fast forward children of
the local refs being replaced, just like "push" fast forwards
the remote refs using the local refs.  In other words, given
<src> and <dst> repository, the following should do the same

    On <src> repository machine, with GIT_DIR being the <src> repository:
    $ git push <dst> <ref-local-name>:<ref-remote-name>...

    On <dst> repository machine, with GIT_DIR being the <dst> repository:
    $ git pull <src> <ref-remote-name>:<ref-local-name>...

Johannes posted a script on the list a couple of days ago, which
should work well, except that it was written before the
git-fetch-pack command was updated to natively download from
multiple refs, so it does not know how to fetch multiple refs at
a one go.


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