On Sat, 13 Aug 2005, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> Anyone coming to Linuxconf.au 2006? It'll will be in Dunedin NZ and
> I'd be really keen on joining a git/cogito workshop or bof.

I was planning to be there. I like lca, but passed it over this year
because of it being in Canberra (I'm sure it's a nice city to live in, but
it's not a very exciting one, and I've been there several times before ;)

> I would gladly try and organize a workshop, but I am far from fluent
> with git, so I won't go at it alone. Any takers? Call for papers ends
> 5th September, not too far ahead. We have to register our interest
> _now_.

I'm no good with papers, though. One of the reasons I decided to leave the 
university lifestyle was that I hate writing papers. That's 
anti-conductive to being at a uni ;)

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