On 8/14/05, Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I was planning to be there. I like lca, but passed it over this year
> because of it being in Canberra 

And how are things lining up for the upcoming one (January 2006, Dunedin, NZ)?  

> > I would gladly try and organize a workshop, but I am far from fluent
> > with git, so I won't go at it alone. Any takers? Call for papers ends
> > 5th September, not too far ahead. We have to register our interest
> > _now_.
> I'm no good with papers, though. 

Workshops and BOFs don't need to be paper-backed at all. Though it's
not unlikely that someone with an interest in SCM theory would write a
paper covering git. I think the main interest would be to bring git
practical usage to the masses.

There's a lot of interest, but the barriers of entry are somewhat
high, with the codebase moving fast, and some of the concepts
requiring re-learning of what to expect from an SCM. Perhaps no so
much among kernel hackers, but the general populace is largely still
laden with cvs/svn and their mindset.


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