Just to confirm a recent answer to questions on lkml ...

1) There is no way to send a particular changeset from the "middle" of a set from one tree to another, without exporting it as a patch or rebuilding a new git tree. I have two changesets that, after testing last week, I now consider more important to send upstream than the few earlier and later changesets. If I export those two changesets as patches, and send them on. presumably I lose the changset comments etc. and then when the upstream tree is merged back, it might look a little odd in the changeset history.

2) There is no way to update the comment field of a changeset after it goes in (e.g. to add a bugzilla bug number for a bug that was opened just after the fix went in).

3) There is no way to do a test commit of an individual changeset against a specified tree (to make sure it would still merge cleanly, automatically).

Are there easier ways to do any of these?
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