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> This is the kind of situation I used to have all the time when
> Linus was the maintainer and I was a contributor, when you look
> at "master" branch being the "maintainer" branch, and "pu"
> branch being the "contributor" branch.  Your work started at the
> your changes) "pu" rather than merge.  So I ran "git rebase":
>     $ git checkout pu
>     $ git rebase master pu

How do you handle conflicts in such a situation?

For example, I get:

        -> git rebase master testing-NAND
        patching file common/cmd_nand.c
        Hunk #2 FAILED at 18.
        Hunk #3 succeeded at 335 (offset 1 line).
        1 out of 4 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file common/cmd_nand.c.rej
        external diff died, stopping at common/cmd_nand.c.
        Some commits could not be rebased, check by hand:

OK, I can edit the file to resolve the conflicts. But what  do  I  do
then to continue?

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