On Sun, 14 Aug 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Ok, so the one in the proposed updates branch says
> info/alternates.
> With this, your recent cg-clone -l can be made to still use
> individual .git/object/??/ hierarchy to keep objects newly
> created in each repository while sharing the inherited objects
> from the parent repository, which would probably alleviate the
> multi-user environment worries you express in the comments for
> the option.  The git-clone-script in the proposed updates branch
> has such a change.

I think this is great - especially for places like kernel.org, where a lot 
of repos end up being related to each other, yet independent.

However, exactly for places like kernel.org it would _also_ be nice if
there was some way to prune objects that have been merged back into the
parent. In other words, imagine that people start using my kernel tree as
their source of "alternate" objects, which works wonderfully well, but
then as I pull from them, nothing ever removes the objects that are now

We've got a "git prune-packed", it would be good to have a "git
prune-alternate" or something equivalent.

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