On Tue, 16 Aug 2005, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Finally, I have to say that that "info" directory is confusing. Namely,
> there's two of them - the "git info" and the "object info" directories are
> totally different directories - maybe logical, but to me it smells like
> "info" is here a code-name for "misc files that don't make sense anywhere
> else".
> What this all is leading up to is that I think we'd be better off with a
> totally new "git config" file, in ".git/config", and we'd have all the
> startup configuration there. Including things like alternate object
> directories, perhaps standard preferences for that particular repo, and
> things like the "grafts" thing.
> Wouldn't that be nice?

I'd originally proposed the .git/info directory because I keep multiple
working trees for the same repository, by having symlinks for .git/objects
and .git/refs, and I could also get other per-repository things to be
shared properly without knowing exactly what they are if they're in a
subdirectory of .git that could be a symlink. This would mean that a
".git/config" would be per-working-tree, like .git/index or .git/HEAD, not
pre-repository like ".git/info/config". Of course, the core didn't have
any thing to go in .git/info at the time, so it didn't really get tacked

(I find it convenient to have mainline and my latest work both checked out
for reference while I'm generating a series of commits for a patch set,
and I don't want three different repositories which could be out of sync;
this also keeps the repository safely out of pwd, since I have the actual
repositories as ~/git/{project}.git/)

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