> You just need to add -I/usr/include/qt3/ in the appropriate place in the
> scons control file, IIRC.

I figured out that it wanted qt3-mt, installed it, and fiddled with
the SConfiguration file.  Still no dice, perhaps because I have a qt4
build environment?

$ QTDIR=/usr/ make
scons -Q
Retrieved `src/annotate.o' from cache
/usr//bin/uic -o src/commitbase.h src/commitbase.ui
/usr//bin/uic -impl commitbase.h -o src/uic_commitbase.cc src/commitbase.ui
/usr//bin/moc -o src/moc_commitbase.cc src/commitbase.h
uic: File generated with too old version of Qt Designer
File 'src/commitbase.ui' is not valid
scons: *** [src/commitbase.h] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2

this is with qgit 0.91. Hmmm. Removed all traces of qt4. Hmmm, and hmm
some more and it's built. Nice!

I actually like it quite a bit. So, notes for the build instructions:
under debian, you want  to

  apt-get install qt3-dev-tools libqt3-mt-dev

Make sure there's_no_ qt4 build environment, edit SConstruct and have
the env.Append line look like:
'-I/usr/include/qt3'] )

And then make it, saying:

  QTDIR=/usr make


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