On Sat, 13 Aug 2005, Petr Baudis wrote:

>   Hello,
>   I've wondered how slow the protocols other than rsync are, and the
> (well, a bit dubious; especially wrt. caching on the remote side)
> results are:
>       git     clone-pack:ssh  25s
>       git     rsync           27s
>       git     http-pull       47s
>       git     dumb-http       54s
>       git     ssh-pull        660s
>       cogito  clone-pack:ssh  35s (!)
>       cogito  rsync           140s
>       cogito  ssh-pull        480s
>       cogito  http-pull       extrapolated to about an hour!

I should be able to get http-pull down to the neighborhood of 
(current) ssh-pull; http-pull is that slow (when the source repository 
isn't packed) because it's entirely sequential, rather than overlapping 
requests like ssh-pull now does.

I should also be able to get ssh-pull down to the area of clone-pack, but 
that's lower-priority, since there's clone-pack.

(I've written an untested patch for local-pull, which I'll be testing, 
cleaning, and submitting tonight, assuming my newly-arrived monitor 
actually works)

>   PS:
>       With the latest git version as of time of writing this:
>       $ time cg-clone git+ssh://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/home/pasky/WWW/dev/git/.g 
> cogito
>       ...
>       progress: 5759 objects, 10292457 bytes
>       $ time cg-clone http://localhost/~pasky/dev/git/.g cogito
>       ...
>       progress: 8681 objects, 14881571 bytes

I've noticed that ssh connections don't actually disconnect at the end 
with recent versions of ssh sometimes. In my experience, this occasionally 
happens with git, but always happens with scp, suggesting that it's an ssh 
bug of some sort; I've also only noticed this with openssh 3.9_p1 with 
some of Gentoo's -r2 patches.

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