Daniel Barkalow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I should be able to get http-pull down to the neighborhood of 
> (current) ssh-pull; http-pull is that slow (when the source repository 
> isn't packed) because it's entirely sequential, rather than overlapping 
> requests like ssh-pull now does.

I like those prefetch() and process() code in pull.c very much.

I have been wondering if increasing parallelism more by
prefetching beyond the immediate parents of the current commit,
in "if (get_history)" part of process_commit().  Maybe it is not
worth it because doing a commit, its associated tree(s) and its
parents would already give us enough parallelism already.

> (I've written an untested patch for local-pull, which I'll be testing, 
> cleaning, and submitting tonight, assuming my newly-arrived monitor 
> actually works)

That is a great news.  Thank you for doing this; looking forward
to see it, but no rush.  Enjoy your new monitor.

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