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> Introduce a new file $GIT_DIR/info/grafts (or $GIT_GRAFT_FILE)
> which is a list of "fake commit parent records".  Each line of
> this file is a commit ID, followed by parent commit IDs, all
> 40-byte hex SHA1 separated by a single SP in between.  The
> records override the parent information we would normally read
> from the commit objects, allowing both adding "fake" parents
> (i.e. grafting), and pretending as if a commit is not a child of
> some of its real parents (i.e. cauterizing).

How exactly is this used?

I gave up trying to have CVS  merges  autimatically  recognized  upon
import, and tried to follow Matthias Urlichs' advice to fake it using
the grafts file.

I have this situation:

Branch point (actually this is the inital import into CVS):

Commit: 0b666f81da14bf46cada222856762f7fd6641c26
Child:  9956b03b956994bb4e2cee4161f3626bcfd71924 (Das U-Boot: Universal Boot 
Child:  7309612797ed5e6b3b20027e28bca970b4f6b8fd (Initial revision)

End of branch to merge (in CVS

Commit: d9af3c87df93e1a8126b1a52adf8db978e9a0d40
Parent: 0bb9c6d97b195bd0efcdda02f109e6d1519074a9 (Das U-Boot: Universal Boot 
<no child>

This is the commit where I would like to show the  branch  merged  in
(before; this is the first real commit in CVS):

Commit: 24ee89b97a49826ea800b4a6c0d5c0769328e317
Parent: de180e6daa529dc78668c99bdf17a9cdd440782d (Initial revision)
Child:  699b13a6064e642280caffaa83c10b359a6c1114 (* Fix mdelay() on TRAB - this 
was still the debugging version with)

I tried with a grafts file like this:


The display in gitk --all gets changed a bit (before the  branch  was
the  leftmost  line,  now  it's  the rightmost one), but it's still a
dangling head, and the selected  "merge  point"  (commit  24ee89)  is
still  displayed  with  just  one parent (de180e) - I would expect to
also see d9af3c listed as parent, and the branch merging in here?

Am I missing something?

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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