On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, Paul Mackerras wrote:
> I added support for grafts to gitk just yesterday, and it should be on
> kernel.org by now.  I also committed the changes to send lines into
> hyperspace.

Paul, I hate to tell you about yet another flag to git-rev-list, but did 
you realize that in addition to all the other magic flags, there's a flag 
called "--parents"?

Right now you use "git-rev-list --header --topo-order", which gives you 
both the commit ID's and the header. Add a "--parents" there, and you'll 
notice that the first line of each NUL-terminated record changes from just 
the commit ID to the "commit ID + parent list".

That way gitk wouldn't need to actually know about grafts, because it 
would just pick it up from the git-rev-list output which gets it from the 
regular commit parsing code.

Umm. git-rev-list really does everything. Rule of thumb: if you _ever_
need to look at any other internal git information, you're probably doing
something wrong, or you've missed yet another flag ;)

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