On Fri, 19 Aug 2005, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> In the section 'Emulating CVS behaviour', where the team setup is
> described with a team 'merger'. What is not clear is how to deal with
> project-wide branches. Should they be created in the master repo, and
> everyone clone a new repo from it?

Just make them another branch in the master repo. Whether people will 
clone a whole new repo for it, or have just one repo and switch between 
local branches in their own local (single) repo is their personal choice. 
Some people may well prefer to have all different branches checked out in 
different places (ie have one repository per branch) others may prefer to 
work with one repository and just switch.

> And yet another question: the teammember who is pulling must 'switch'
> the merging repo to the right branch, pull from the corresponding
> remote repos of each teammember, and push to the public view of the
> repo. Is that right?

.. yes. Or alternatively, just keep the repo at that branch (and if such a 
person works on multiple branches, he/she can thus just keep multiple 

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