On 8/19/05, Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > And yet another question: the teammember who is pulling must 'switch'
> > the merging repo to the right branch, pull from the corresponding
> > remote repos of each teammember, and push to the public view of the
> > repo. Is that right?
> .. yes. Or alternatively, just keep the repo at that branch (and if such a
> person works on multiple branches, he/she can thus just keep multiple
> repos).

I'm keen on keeping my 'merge & publish' step in a single repo that
has all the 'team' branches. The person running this repo will
probably actually code in separate repos, and merge in there too.

Right now I'm switching 'heads' (I'm getting used to cogito's use of
'branch' for 'remote head') using this quick'n'dirty bit of shell:



if [ -e .git/refs/heads/$HEADNAME ]; then
        cd .git/
        ln -s -f .git/refs/heads/$HEADNAME HEAD
        cd ..
        cg-restore -f


but I want to prevent the action if the checkout is 'dirty'. Is there
any way to check whether cg-diff thinks anything has changed?


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