Is there any way to merge patches "selectively"? 

I have found that if I do 

   cg-log -r master:origin

I can review the commits that will be merged if I do cg-update. 

Say I do cg-update, it brings a lot of commits and there is a messy
conflict. I immediately can  narrow down on which commit I am merging
it is that has a conflict.

With this info, it'd be interesting to be able to merge not to the tip
of the head (head of the head? =- bah, tip of the branch! :) but to an
earlier commit, so I can resolve the conflict with a more specific

Say I am merging a series of 10 commits that happened in the shared
repo to the project while I worked disconnected (and did lots of local
commits). The first 8 commits merge cleanly, the 9th is an ugly
conflict I have to resolve, and the 10th is clean and unrelated.

I want to be able to 
 - cg-update
 - oops! this is a mess! review with cg-log -r master:origin
 - aha! Here is the conflict in the 9th commit from MacFroz, fire off
email / open irc session
 - in the meantime, reset the working copy and merge the 8 clean ones
with something like: cg-restore ; cg-update origin^^^ ; cg-commit
 - cg-update origin^ ; emacs file-with-conflict.c ; cg-commit 
 - cg-update # bring in the last pending commit from origin. 

How can I achieve the cg-update <somepointinthebranch> ; cg-commit ? I
mean, without faking a head with

  echo <somepointinthebranch> > .git/refs/heads/temphead 



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