On Tue, 23 Aug 2005, Carl Baldwin wrote:

> Hello,
> I recently started using git to revision control the source for my
> web-page.  I wrote a post-update hook to checkout the files when I push
> to the 'live' repository.
> In this particular context I decided that it was important to me to remove
> deleted files after checking out the new HEAD.  I accomplished this by running
> git-ls-files before and after the checkout.
> Is there a better way?  Could there be some way built into git to easily
> find out what files dissappear when replacing the current index with one
> from a new tree?  Is there already?  The behavior of git should NOT
> change to delete these files but I would argue that some way should
> exist to query what files disappeared if removing them is desired.

If you don't use -f, git-checkout-script removes deleted files. Using -f
tells it to ignore the old index, which means that it can't tell the
difference between removed files and files that weren't tracked at all.

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