On Tue, 23 Aug 2005, Carl Baldwin wrote:

> The point is to push and use a post-update hook to do the checkout.  So,
> this won't be possible.

You could have the remote repository be something like
"~/git/website.git", and have a hook which does: "cd ~/www; git pull
~/git/website.git/". That is, have three things: the directory where you
work on stuff, the central storage location, and the area that the web
server serves, and have the storage location automatically update the web
server area. That's what I do with my website section that's still in CVS,
and the general concept is good (and means that the "real" repository
isn't somewhere the web server is poking around).

> > which will correctly identify before and after, and remove any files that
> > were removed.
> >
> > Alternatively, you could do, at point 1:
> >
> > cp .git/refs/master .git/refs/deployed
> > git checkout deployed
> How to get a post-update hook to do this?  I suppose an update script
> could set this up for the post-update to later use.

If you have "deployed" checked out, and you push to "master" in the same
repository, having the hook do "git resolve deployed master auto-update"
should work.

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