Daniel Barkalow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'd still like to revive my idea of having projects overlaid on each
> other, where the commits in the project that absorbed the other project
> say, essentially, "also include this other commit, but any changes to
> those files belong to that branch, not this one". That way, Linus could
> have included gitk in git, but changes to it, even when done in a git
> working tree, would show up in commits that only include gitk. (git
> actually can handle this with the alternative index file mechanism that
> Linus mentioned in a different thread.)

Yes, I would love to see that cleanly done in a way that does not
confuse uninitiated (not being sarcastic at all.  Just cheering
up somebody with a better idea than I have --- I would be lost
if I were to be tasked to do it by Emperor Penguin himself or
somebody else ;-)).

Tonight I added another root in the git.git repository, but I

> Definitely post-1.0, of course.


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