On 8/26/05, Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> their core GIT tools come from.  But how would _I_ pull from
> that "My Project", if I did not want to pull unrelated stuff in?

and then... 

> What I think _might_ deserve a bit more support would be a merge
> of a foreign project as a subdirectory of a project.  Linus

tla has an interesting implementation (and horrible name) for
something like this. In Arch-speak, they are called 'configurations',
a versioned control file that describes that in subdirectory foo we
import from this other repo#branch.

In cvs, you just do nested checkouts, and trust a `cvs update` done at
the top will do the right thing;  and in fact recent cvs versions do.

After using cvs and arch for a while, my opinion is that all this
stuff is _bad_, and you want a makefile that pulls the projects
together when you build them. Different projects are going to use
different SCMs anyway, and you'll have to live with how to tag a
release across repositories/scms, and I haven't seen any answer I


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