Daniel, I do not know what your current status is, but I think
you need something like this.

I was scratching my head figuring out why it passes all the t/
tests but couldn't do a simple 'git-read-tree HEAD'.

diff --git a/tree.c b/tree.c
--- a/tree.c
+++ b/tree.c
@@ -224,10 +224,12 @@ struct tree *parse_tree_indirect(const u
                if (obj->type == tree_type)
                        return (struct tree *) obj;
                else if (obj->type == commit_type)
-                       return ((struct commit *) obj)->tree;
+                       obj = (struct object *)(((struct commit *) obj)->tree);
                else if (obj->type == tag_type)
-                       obj = ((struct tag *) obj)->tagged;
+                       obj = deref_tag(obj);
                        return NULL;
+               if (!obj->parsed)
+                       parse_object(obj->sha1);
        } while (1);

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