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Chuck Lever <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

for the past two weeks i've been attempting to replace the active_cache array with an abstract data type (linked list just as a prototype) in order to eliminate the need to use memmove() during insertions and deletions.

one big win is that the merge algorithm no longer needs to overwrite the active_cache. you can keep two lists and simply move elements from one to the other as you do the merge, and then hook the new, merged list back to the cache head when you're done.

anyway, i'm at a point where i could use some help and advice if this is something you think could be useful in the long run.

This is interesting.

For something like a kernel tree that has around 18k entries, a
single memmove will at the worst case move that many pointers,
so naturally a list based implementation would perform well for
many insertions and deletions.   On the other hand, the list
based implementation would make it very expensive to find an
entry read-only, I suspect, unlike the array based
implementation which lets us do binary search.

using a list was an easy prototype to see what issues there are when converting from an array into an abstract data type. i've created a few helpers that allow me to limit the list implementation changes to cache.h, read-cache.c, and read-tree.c; but having these helpers means it should be fairly simple to switch to any reasonable data structure. (the helper parts are already working and i can post them to the list if folks are interested).

once the list implementation is working well, i plan to go back and replace it with something more sophisticated which can perform insertion, deletion, and searching efficiently.

in the long run, i see using a balanced tree. that would make insertions and searches quick, and prevent the tree from degenerating into a linked list due to a series of in-order insertions. a splay tree might be even more entertaining, as it always remains balanced, and a search operation places the found node or insertion point right at the root of the tree.

each node in the tree would represent a unique path, and have references to the entries of all four stages, contained in an array. that would simplify several routines in read-cache.c and probably make the merge logic even easier to understand and more efficient.

I haven't timed it like you did, but my gut feeling is that the
most wastage during the merge is coming from having to move
entries because we "insert into" or "remove from" the same
active-cache array.

the merge actually replaces entries in place, so it is already fairly efficient. the wastage in the merge case arises from the many list insertions done by read_cache, all of which involve moving some of the active cache array.

If we allocate a new array and populate it
from scratch as we iterate through the paths being merged and
replace the active_cache pointer at the very end, we would do
much better without going to a linked list implementation, which
would penalize the normal read-only case.

i can already tell you that using a separate source and destination data structure during the merge simplifies the logic and makes it easier to understand. i imagine it will also be easier to maintain and enhance in the long run.

I think what Daniel
did to read-tree recently, still in the proposed updates branch,
would make this kind of change far easier to implement.

as i'm new to git development, i wasn't aware of the proposed branch. i will see if i can take a look (or send me a pointer to the list archives if he has posted them here).

I wanted to cc this message to Daniel but your message to me was
somehow private so I did not.  Please feel free to bring this
issue up either with him directly or on the list.

i wanted to assess whether this was a reasonable idea or if there was already work in progress in this area. thanks for your response!
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