On Thu, 8 Sep 2005, Chuck Lever wrote:
> > 
> > Btw, in the sparse project, we have this really smart "pointer list" data
> > structure, which is extremely space- and time-efficient. It ends up
> > _looking_ like a linked list, but it batches things up in hunks of 29
> > entries (29 pointers plus overhead gives you blocks of 32 longwords, which
> > is the allocation size) and thus gives basically a cache-friendly
> > doubly-linked list. It knows how to do insertions, traversals etc very 
> > efficiently.
> > 
> > Any interest?
> i'm not married to splay trees.  i think we should explore several 
> different data structures before picking one, and this one sounds 
> reasonable to try.

Actually, I just realized that one of the issues is just plain looking up
a name (ie "pos = cache_name_pos(..)", and the sparse list don't make that
very efficient unless you have a good starting point.

So a splay tree is probably more appropriate.

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