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> From: "Junio C Hamano" <gits...@pobox.com>
> To: "Dmitry Ivankov" <divanor...@gmail.com>
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> Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 1:00:29 PM
> Subject: Re: [PATCH 2/4] Allow reading svn dumps from files via file:// urls.
> Dmitry Ivankov <divanor...@gmail.com> writes:
> > Florian Achleitner <florian.achleitner.2.6.31 <at> gmail.com>
> > writes:
> >
> > > Especially for testing and development it's useful to bypass
> > > svnrdump and replay the svndump from a file without connecting to
> > > an svn server.
> > > 
> > > Add support for file:// urls in the remote url.  e.g.
> > > svn::file:///path/to/dump When the remote helper finds an url
> > > starting with file:// it tries to open that file instead of
> > > invoking svnrdump.
> >
> > file:// is a bad choice because file:// style repo urls are valid
> > for svn and it's for local repos rather than dumpfiles.
> Thanks; I had the same reaction when I saw it.
> > Maybe something like dumpfile:// instead?
> If dumpfile:// pseudo URL is an established convention in the
> Subversion land, that sounds like a sensible direction, but if that is
> not the case, it may be cleaner if you can find some other way to
> convey the information to the backend out-of-band, instead of
> overloading it in the URL used to access the repository.

Others may have a different opinion, but in my experience dump files are always 
handled via stdin/stdout in Subversion land.  For example:


I'm not sure that helps in this scenario, but that was the convention I grew 
used to.

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