Florian Achleitner wrote:

> So we want the transport-helper to touch only private refs, i.e. some subdir 
> of refs/, ok.
> On the other hand I thought we expect git-fetch to update the RHS of the 
> passed refspec (or the default one ). How?

Now I am getting confused by terminology.  By "the transport-helper"
do you mean the remote helper (e.g., git-remote-svn) or

By the "default" refspec do you mean the one specified in .git/config
or some default when none is specified there?  "git fetch" updates
refs according to the specified fetch refspec in

> Btw, whats FETCH_HEAD for?

"grep FETCH_HEAD Documentation/*.txt" gives some hints.  Most notably:

        The ref names and their object names of fetched refs are stored
        in ".git/FETCH_HEAD".  This information is left for a later merge
        operation done by 'git merge'.

        Alice can peek at what Bob did without merging first, using the "fetch"
        command; this allows Alice to inspect what Bob did, using a special
        symbol "FETCH_HEAD", in order to determine if he has anything worth
        pulling, like this:

        alice$ git fetch /home/bob/myrepo master
        alice$ git log -p HEAD..FETCH_HEAD

Hope that helps,
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