Thomas Rast <> writes:

> Umm, are you sure?  I may be somewhat confused about this, but the tests
> I used to trigger the access(NULL) were IIRC
>   unset HOME
>   git config --get
>   git config --global --get
> none of which is writing....

I was inaccurate, but that doesn't change the conclusion: the question
is not reading Vs writting, but use of --global Vs no use of it (and
most of the time, --global is used for writing, hence my confusion).

Both the patch that introduce the NULL bug and the one that fix it touch
two files: $git/config.c, and $git/builtin/config.c.

My changes to $git/config.c, are straightforward because they touch
positive tests for file existance. The controversial one is
$git/builtin/config.c, which is inside a "if (use_global_config)".

This piece of code was already dying on unset $HOME, and in my proposal
it still is.

The old code was:

        if (use_global_config) {
                char *home = getenv("HOME");
                if (home) {
                        char *user_config = xstrdup(mkpath("%s/.gitconfig", 
                        given_config_file = user_config;
                } else {
                        die("$HOME not set");

Matthieu Moy
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