Jeff King <> writes:

> Only one test needed to be updated; t7701 tries to create
> unreachable objects by deleting branches. Of course that no
> longer works, which is the intent of this patch. The test
> now works around it by removing the graveyard logs.

I think the work-around indicates the need for regular users to be
able to also discover, prune and delete these logs.  Do we have
"prune reflog for _this_ ref (or these refs), removing entries that
are older than this threshold"?  If so the codepath would need to
know about the graveyard and the implementation detail of the tilde
suffix so that the end users do not need to know about them.

I like the general direction.  Perhaps a long distant future
direction could be to also use the same trick in the ref namespace
so that we can have 'next' branch itself, and 'next/foo', 'next/bar'
forks that are based on the 'next' branch at the same time (it
obviously is a totally unrelated topic)?
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