On 20 Jul 2012, at 09:11, Johannes Sixt wrote:

> Am 7/19/2012 23:20, schrieb Alexey Muranov:
>> On 19 Jul 2012, at 19:34, Konstantin Khomoutov wrote:
>>> On Thu, 19 Jul 2012 18:21:21 +0200 Alexey Muranov
>>> <alexey.mura...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> [...]
>>>> I do not still understand very well some aspects of Git, like the 
>>>> exact purpose of "remote tracking branches" (are they for pull or
>>>> for push?), so i may be wrong.
>>> This is wery well explained in the Pro Git book, for instance. And in
>>> numerous blog posts etc.
>> I have read the Pro Gut book and numerous blog posts, but i keep
>> forgetting the explanation because it does not make much sense to me:
>> "Tracking branches are local branches that have a direct relationship
>> to a remote branch.  If you’re on a tracking branch and type git push,
>> Git automatically knows which server and branch to push to.  Also,
>> running git pull while on one of these branches fetches all the remote
>> references and then automatically merges in the corresponding remote
>> branch." etc.
> Note the difference between "tracking branch" and "remote tracking
> branch"! The "remote tracking branches" are the refs in the refs/remotes/
> hierarchy. The "tracking branches" are your own local branches that you
> have created with 'git branch topic thatremote/topic' (or perhaps 'git
> checkout -b'). The paragraph talks about the latter.

Hannes, thanks for the explanation, so i was confused once again.

Various blog posts do not make the terminology clear, for example
sais that there are only "two types of branches: local, and remote-tracking", 
while i think it depends on perspective.
There are in fact
1. remote,
2. remote-tracking (which are local!),
3. truly local:
  a) which are tracking some remote-tracking(!) branches,
  b) and which are not tracking.

I think i was also misguided by Konstantin, who wrote that "you create a remote 
tracking branch when you intend to actually *develop* something on that branch" 

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