Tay Ray Chuan <rcta...@gmail.com> writes:

> If suggestions are available (based on Levenshtein distance) and if the
> terminal isatty(), present a prompt to the user to select one of the
> computed suggestions.

The way to determine "If the terminal is a tty" used in this patch
looks overly dangerous, given that we do not know what kind of "git"
command we may be invoking at this point.

Perhaps we should audit "isatty()" calls and replace them with a
helper function that does this kind of thing consistently in a more
robust way (my recent favorite is Linus's somewhat anal logic used
in builtin/merge.c::default_edit_option()).

> +static int shall_advise = 1;
> +static int shall_prompt;

Naming "shall_foo" is a first here.  It is not wrong per-se, but I
think we tend to call these "do we use/perform/etc X" do_X in our
codebase (see builtin/{config.c,fetch-pack.c,notes.c} for examples).
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