Jeff King <> writes:

>   - isatty(0) check in cmd_revert to set opts.edit automatically. This
>     one should match merge's behavior.
> ...
> So I think the only one that could be improved is the one in cmd_revert.

Yeah, that matches the result of my grep.

Thanks for sanity checking.

> The credential code uses git_terminal_prompt, which actually opens
> /dev/tty directly. So it is probably sane to use for your new prompt,
> but it does not (and should not) rely on isatty.

I think using git_terminal_prompt() after doing a looser "does the
user sit at a terminal and is capable of answering interactive
prompt" check with isatty(2) is OK, as long as we know that all
implementations of git_terminal_prompt() never read from whatever
happens to be connected to the standard input.

The function falls back to getpass() on platforms without DEV_TTY,
and if getpass() on some platforms reads from the standard input,
that would be a disaster.  I wasn't sure about that part.
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