I decided to completely rewrite my commit history, I split, dropped, squashed, 
and reordered.
And finally rebased it all onto the current master.
Hope this removed a lot of my personal confusion and makes the patches 
more useful and understandable.
I think the remote helper does what it should now, except creating branches.
Several patches depend on each other, but some are purely optional and there are
working intermediate states.
I'll add some comments in the table of contents below.

[RFC 01/16] Implement a remote helper for svn in C.
[RFC 02/16] Integrate remote-svn into svn-fe/Makefile.
[RFC 03/16] Add svndump_init_fd to allow reading dumps from
[RFC 04/16] Add cat-blob report fifo from fast-import to #this one is still in 
[RFC 05/16] remote-svn, vcs-svn: Enable fetching to private refs.
[RFC 06/16] Add a symlink 'git-remote-svn' in base dir.
# basic functionality is available from here.
# additional features follow
[RFC 07/16] Allow reading svn dumps from files via file:// urls.
[RFC 08/16] vcs-svn: add fast_export_note to create notes
[RFC 09/16] Create a note for every imported commit containing svn
[RFC 10/16] When debug==1, start fast-import with "--stats" instead #optional
[RFC 11/16] Add explanatory comment for transport-helpers refs #optional
[RFC 12/16] remote-svn: add incremental import.
[RFC 13/16] Add a svnrdump-simulator replaying a dump file for
[RFC 14/16] transport-helper: add import|export-marks to fast-import
[RFC 15/16] remote-svn: add marks-file regeneration.
[RFC 16/16] Add a test script for remote-svn.

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