Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Hi Junio,
> Florian Achleitner wrote:
>> transport-helpers can advertise the 'refspec' capability,
>> if not a default refspec *:* is assumed. This explains
>> the post-processing of refs after fetching with fast-import.
>> Signed-off-by: Florian Achleitner <>
> The patch below adds a comment to fetch_with_import() explaining the
> loop that saves the fetched commit names after 'git fast-import' has
> done its work.  It avoids some confusion that Florian encountered on
> first reading about which refs the fast-import stream is supposed to
> use to write its result.

> (By the way, I guess I find the above paragraph clearer than Florian's
> commit message.  But aside from that, the patch seems good to me.)
> I would like to see the patch applied so the remote-svn series without
> it gets shorter and easier to review.

Sounds pretty safe, and as long as mentors and stakeholders in the
area are happy with what the comment says, I see no issue applying
it now.  Is it understood by all parties that Florian may need to
rebase the series on top of it?

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