On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 03:33:59PM -0400, Jeff King wrote:

> I'm close to finished with a series that I think will at least make it
> better. Stay tuned.

Here it is. I was able to replicate the original problem by munging my
/etc/passwd, and I've confirmed that this series fixes it by skipping
the related test. I also added in a test for the early-quit behavior
introduced by f20f387. It can't run everywhere, of course, but it seems
we have at least one tester whose system will run it (and I did confirm
that it works with my munged /etc/passwd).

One other option is that we could introduce a
GIT_PRETEND_THIS_IS_MY_GECOS_NAME variable. That would let us wrong both
sides of the test on all systems. I just hate to add an interface that
will be carried around in production code just for the sake of a test.

  [1/6]: t7502: clean up fake_editor tests
  [2/6]: t7502: properly quote GIT_EDITOR
  [3/6]: t7502: narrow checks for author/committer name in template
  [4/6]: t7502: drop confusing test_might_fail call
  [5/6]: t7502: handle systems where auto-identity is broken
  [6/6]: t7502: test early quit from commit with bad ident

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