Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> The result will be queued tentatively near the tip of 'pu', but as
> this is primarily about git-svn, I would prefer a copy that is
> vetted by Eric to be fed from him.

OK.  I've signed-off on the 7 patches you have in pu.  Will look at the
other series in a few hours.

The following changes since commit cdd159b2f56c9e69e37bbb8f5af301abd93e5407:

  Merge branch 'jc/test-lib-source-build-options-early' (2012-07-25 15:47:08 

are available in the git repository at:

  git://bogomips.org/git-svn master

for you to fetch changes up to 8d1ddbdc877cf1f430ea8e79bf800ce806875565:

  Move initialization of Git::SVN variables into Git::SVN. (2012-07-27 11:29:21 

Michael G. Schwern (7):
      Quiet warning if Makefile.PL is run with -w and no --localedir
      Don't lose Error.pm if $@ gets clobbered.
      The Makefile.PL will now find .pm files itself.
      Extract some utilities from git-svn to allow extracting Git::SVN.
      Prepare Git::SVN for extraction into its own file.
      Extract Git::SVN from git-svn into its own .pm file.
      Move initialization of Git::SVN variables into Git::SVN.

 git-svn.perl                   | 2340 +---------------------------------------
 perl/Git/SVN.pm                | 2324 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 perl/Git/SVN/Utils.pm          |   59 +
 perl/Makefile                  |    2 +
 perl/Makefile.PL               |   35 +-
 t/Git-SVN/00compile.t          |    9 +
 t/Git-SVN/Utils/can_compress.t |   11 +
 t/Git-SVN/Utils/fatal.t        |   34 +
 8 files changed, 2476 insertions(+), 2338 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 perl/Git/SVN.pm
 create mode 100644 perl/Git/SVN/Utils.pm
 create mode 100644 t/Git-SVN/00compile.t
 create mode 100644 t/Git-SVN/Utils/can_compress.t
 create mode 100644 t/Git-SVN/Utils/fatal.t

> Thanks.
> P.S.
> t91XX series seem to fail in 'pu' with "Can't locate Git/SVN.pm in
> @INC" for me.  I see perl/blib/lib/Git/SVN/ directory and files
> under it, but there is no perl/blib/lib/Git/SVN.pm installed.  I see
> Git/I18N.pm and Git/SVN/Ra.pm (and friends) mentioned in
> perl/perl.mak generated by MakeMaker, but Git/SVN.pm does not appear
> anywhere.
> I think it is some interaction with other topics, as the tip of
> ms/git-svn-pm topic that parks this series does not exhibit the
> symptom, but it is getting late for me already, so I won't dig into
> this further.

I think your proposed patch in the followup should work.  We should
probably squash that into this series avoid breaking bisect in the
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