Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> Eric Wong <normalper...@yhbt.net> writes:
> > The redundant dependencies are biting us :<  I agree there presence in
> > the top-level Makefile needs to be reviewed.
> Do you feel confident enough that we can leave that question hanging
> around and still merge this before 1.7.12 safely?


> I do not think it is a regression at the Makefile level per-se---we
> didn't have right dependencies to keep perl.mak up to date, which
> was the root cause of what we observed.
> But the lack of dependencies did not matter before this series
> because the list of *.pm files never changed, so in that sense the
> series is what introduced the build regression, and I do not have a
> solid feeling that we squashed it.

Right, I agree the original dependencies are not good and it's not
a recent regression in the Makefile level.

I do feel our patch deals with the problem for now.  I've been going
between commits in Michael's 3rd series and haven't noticed new issues
when running the tests.
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